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Foot problems are one of the most common complications of diabetes and are caused by nerve damage (neuropathy) or damage to blood vessels in the feet and legs.

Diabetic Safe Preparations and Services

  • Foot Treatment as required including ulcer and wound management.
  • Diabetic safe treatments for fungal nails and skin(athletes foot).
  • Specialist diabetic assessments for orthotics and insoles.
  • Medical diabetic orthotics designed to prevent foot ulcers.

Diabetes Foot Care Specific Products

med.Salve for cracked skin: £7.50
For callused, brittle, dry and rough skin.

med.Callus Cream: £7.50
Intensive care for the reduction of callus.

med.Lipidro Cream: £10.50   
Promotes skin regeneration with an antibacterial and deodorising effect. For dry and sensitive skin.

Diabetes literature issued to all diabetic patients. Also available for friends and family.


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