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Routine Treatments

For high quality treatment and aftercare we are confident that our prices are as good as you will get anywhere.

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Diabetes Care

Foot problems are one of the most common complications of diabetes.

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Specialist Orthotics

Our Specialist Orthotics can effectively treat, Heel Pain, Hip Pain, Lower Back Pain and much more.

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Nail Surgery

We offer a full nail surgery service from partial avulsion to full nail removal.

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Free information leaflets available in store

We have various leaflets on the following topics:

Achilles Tendonitis Arthritis Athletes Foot
Bunions Bursitis Chilblains
Corns and Calluses Flat Feet Fungal Nails
Haglunds Bump Hallux Limitus Hallux Rigidus
Hammer Toe Heel Pain Heel Spur
Ingrown Toenail Metatarsalgia Morton’s Neuroma
Plantar Fasciitis Sesamoiditis Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Thickened Nails Verrucae

Concerned about your feet?

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